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2016: The Main Causes of Vitiligo

vitiligo causeThe causes of vitiligo have close relation with human own body. Long-term mental pressure and mental negative spirit state can lead to body’ internal secretion function disorder. Vitiligo can seriously affect patients’ normal life, such as study, work and social contact and etc. When some patients get vitiligo, they will become autistic and afraid to communicate with anyone, which will bring great pain to their spirit. It is really a stubborn skin disease that can involve all races.

According to the statistics, the world morbidity is from 0.5%-4%. Generally speaking, light-skinned people group have low morbidity and dark-skinned people group have higher morbidity. During the process of melanogenesis, melanin metastasis,melanin degradation, any links’ disorder can affect skin color. Thus leading to vitiligo. Here are some main causes of vitiligo.

First, tyrosine-tyrosinase reaction suffers from interference. Take an example of ascorbic acid(vitamin C), if you add ascorbic acid in this reaction, it will stop dopa to further be oxidized to hallachrome. And it will make synthetic dopamine enzyme restored to be dopa. Then stop melanin to compound.

Second, ultraviolet ray. Generally specking, ultraviolet ray will increase the tyrosinase activity and increase melanophore. Melanosome will grow very fast and move fast.

Third, tryptophan pyrrolase. Its activity will inhibit tyrosinase activity.

Forth, copper. Compared with normal people, vitiligo patients copper level is low, it may be related to nutrition disorder and metabolism disorder and inheritance disorder.

In a word, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is related to immunity function, internal secretion, metabolism disorder.

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