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Which Professions Are Easy to Get Vitiligo

vitiligo causesIn the world, any regions and any races can suffer from vitiligo. In clinic, vitiligo patients include workers, farmers, students, soldiers and various professions. All walks of life have possibility to get vitiligo. Generally speaking, there is no obvious morbidity difference among these professions. But it is also found that some chemistry substances have selective destructive effect to melanophore, which can lead to skin depigmentation. For example, if laboratory officers in hospital are stained with hydrogen peroxide and liquid nitrogen carelessly, their skin will lose pigment, and even develop to be permanent white spots. Therefore, workers who work in chemical plant, leather manufacturing factory, rubber plant and people who frequently touch with chemical reagent should do a good job in self-protecting.

Experimental studies show that p-tert-butyl phenol, hydroquinone, monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone and other chemistry substances can lead cavy, rat, cat and rabbit’ skin to lose color. Therefore, people whose job is related to p-tert-butyl phenol, auto industry and leather industry should pay attention to their health in daily work.

Although vitiligo has some relation with professions, the relationship is not very apparent. There are still many other factors, such as inheritance factors, neuropsychical factor, chemistry factors, the deficiency of copper iron, infection factors, trauma and etc. What’s more, there are still many other unusual inducing factors in clinic.

And some patients’ vitiligo may repeatedly attack if they get amygdalitis. Many children always get amygdalitis, and it can arouse body’s stress reaction. If human’s emergency system affect frequently, it will be easier to arouse vitiligo.

Besides, vitiligo can attack people repeatedly because of tourism and tiring military training. Military training, tourism and other physical activity may make the whole body tired. If their body also be exposed to strong sunlight, or their body gets stress injury, their body will mobilize the lymphocyte on their whole body to resist virus. As for normal people, there is no big problem. But for people whose immunity is low, or who has inheritance factors, it is easy to trigger vitiligo.

Finally, vitiligo doctors want to remind vitiligo patients that, no matter how old are you and how long you get vitiligo, you should treat vitiligo timely and properly to avoid vitiligo spreading.

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