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What Is The Essence of Vitiligo

What is the essence of vitiligoVitiligo is a kind of common depigmentation disease which is characterized by melanin depigmentation and the white spots occurrence. The pathogenesis is comparatively complex, and the clinical symptoms are various. In traditional Chinese medicine therapy, it thinks that vitiligo is because of internal injury caused by excess of seven emotions, stagnation of the liver, qi, and metabolism, poor qi and blood, the infection of cold, which leads the imbalance of qi and blood and then causes vitiligo.

Vitiligo is called ‘leucoderma’, ‘white spots’, ‘depigmentation’. This disease can happen around human body. When the pathogenesis spread to positions, the vitiligo will appear on these positions. And the skin here will become white. At the same time, it also relates to environment, diet and many factors. In pathology aspect, there will be some common phenomenon, such as low immunity, internal metabolism disorder, vein skin microcirculation disorder. Modern medical researches indicate that, vitiligo may relate to immunology and inheritance, cell-mediated immunity, humoral immunity and relevant cytokines.

Human skin can be compared to vegetation on soil, and vitiligo is similar to the desertization. All the medicines, nutrient substances that people intake will be transported to various organs and organizations via blood circulation. Internal organs disorder and immunity disorder will lead to tyrosinase metabolism disorder, and cause tyrosinase’ activity decrease and lose. And the melanin secretion will be insufficient. Besides, blood circulation will be not smooth, which will arouse big changes in intimal skin structure. Then the nutrition that melanophore requires can not be transported to endothelial cell. All these factors affect together and then lead to depigmentation, causing vitiligo.

If things go like this way, the human body will get into a vicious circle. The white spots on human skin will enlarge like the pieces of desert. Finally, formulating a large scope of ‘skin desertization’.

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