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Does Vitiligo Will Pass to Next Generation

Does the vitiligo will pass to next generation?

Many statements said the vitiligo will pass to next generation, it’s because the people have insufficient understanding to the pathogenesis of the vitiligo, so it cause people to misunderstand that the vitiligo will inherent to next generation. but when you have a healthy life style, you may avoid this disease.

Vitiligo is a disease where patches of skin become discolored. About 30% of people with vitiligo also have a family member with it. This means genetics almost certainly has something to do with it. But for reasons I'll get to in a second, there are probably other factors involved too. On average 1 in every 100 people have vitiligo. Your chances increase to 1 in 20 if a parent or sibling has it. If we go by these statistics, then there is a 5% chance you will transfer vitiligo to your kids.

From the aspect of inherence, we know that the inherence is one of the factors for onset of vitiligo. Environment factors, life style, study environment all play a very important role for the onset of the vitiligo. According to the relevant report, the vitiligo has a lower rate to pass to next generation compared with other hereditary disease. So the vitiligo patient can get married, but they should not to choose spouse who also has vitiligo. Besides that, the vitiligo patient’s children should pay more attention to their diet. They also should avoid sunburn, and keep a positive attitude to life. Joining some club, and doing some exercise to reduce the stress. Because the stress also is one of the factors induce the vitiligo.

Remember though that these are just statistics. We can't accurately predict what might happen in your specific situation because vitiligo is pretty complicated. Every case is going to be a bit different. When they have a healthy life style, the rate of the morbidity of this disease will reduce.

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