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Vitiligo Is Easy to Spread In Summer And Spring

vitiligo is easy to spread in summer and springVitiligo is a disease that can occur on four seasons all over the year, but its characteristic of seasonal change is obvious. Most vitiligo patients’ condition will aggravate in summer and spring, especially in the replacement period between spring and summer. Besides, this period is also the best period for tourism. Many people will choose to have a travel. After tourism, there will be many people get vitiligo, and their vitiligo usually get on exposed areas, which proves that vitiligo is related to sunlight exposure.

In daily life, in summer, we can often see that many vitiligo patients’ normal skin around white spots will be sunburned to be dark color or the boundary skin will be pigment composure. But the white spots positions will become red, and no pigment increase. So that the contrast between normal color and white spots will be increased, which will be mistaken as the vitiligo aggravation. Thus leading to unnecessary worry.

Although vitiligo usually occurs in summer and spring, and little occurs in winter and autumn, patients should not treat this disease lightly in autumn and winter. The best solution to treat is disease is to persist on treatment no matter what is the season and how is the vitiligo color changing. In this way, vitiligo patients can recover to be a healthy body as early as possible. Don’t give up treatment just because of a little recovery in winter. And in winter, the light intension will be weakened and the light time will be shortened. Human skin color will be gradually get light and the contrast between normal skin and white spots will be no so obvious. This phenomenon will mislead patients their vitiligo condition getting better.

In spring, all thing recover. And human various functions will become active. Especially during the period when spring is over and summer is coming, new white spots will increase, which has a direct relation with melanin generation and skin character. In spring, melanophore function will become hyperfunction, and the necessary nutrition will also increase. And the onset of vitiligo is because of tyrosinase activity decrease or disappearance. And then body can not provide the necessary nutrition for melanophore. And melanin generation acceleration needs more nutrition, which will decrease tyrosinase activity. And finally vitiligo will spread rapidly. Besides, some vitiligo patients have weak resistance to outside environment, and their body will be sensitive to sunlight irradiation. It will cause skin stress reaction, and affect melanophore survival locally. But in winter and autumn, the weather is getting cold and human metabolism will be slow. Especially in winter, human various functions will be not so active any more, so the nutrition that tyrosinase needs will be less, so the human skin symptom will be alleviated.

Although vitiligo has certain relation with season, vitiligo treatment should have seasonality. Vitiligo patients should persist on treatment all the time.

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