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Vitiligo Cause: Is Vitiligo Infectious

Is vitiligo infectiousIn life, some people may have prejudice to vitiligo patients. And they have conflict psychology to vitiligo disease. For people who don’t know too much about vitiligo, they may misunderstand that vitiligo can infect to them if touching with vitiligo patients. But in fact, vitiligo is a kind of skin disease related to the internal body, such as immunity function, inheritance, emotion, trace elements, viscera function and tyrosinase function. We can surely tell that vitiligo can not infect to other people.

So do you know what is infectious disease? Infectious disease is a kind of disease that can be infected form one person or other species to another person or species via various approaches. Usually infectious disease can be infected by directly touching infected individuals, infected person’s body fluid and excreta, and the objects which have been touched by infected individuals. And infectious disease can be diffused by air transmission, water transmission, food transmission, soil transmission, mother-to-fetus transmission and etc. Every disease is aroused by specific pathogens, which can be microorganisms or parasites, such as rickettsia, bacteria, spirochete, protozoon, virus and etc. Infectivity is the main difference between infectious disease and other diseases. Infectious disease means that it can be infected to other people via various approaches. The first condition to constitute the infection is causative agent. But vitiligo is because of the depigmentation of some melanin metabolism disorder. It has no causative agent and infection source. Therefore, vitiligo can not be infected to other people.

Besides, if vitiligo can be infected, the patients’ families and doctors will also infect. Therefore, vitiligo is not a kind of infectious disease. Its pathogenesis has no relation with causative agent. Although many family members may get vitiligo in a family, it can just prove vitiligo has some relationship with inheritance. But it is not infectious factor.

Although vitiligo is not infectious, it is difficult to treat, which can seriously affect patients’ living quality. Nowadays, people have not pay too much attention to vitiligo prevention and treatment, and are lack of vitiligo knowledge. Therefore, it is very important to do well in prevention and early treatment. Prevention is vital to decrease vitiligo morbidity.

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