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The Relation Between Vitiligo and Immunity

vitiligo and immunityThe immune mechanism plays a very important role in the process of the onset of vitiligo. In clinic, sometimes vitiligo patients will accompany with other autoimmune diseases together, such as: thyroid diseases, connective tissue disease, autoimmune abnormal gland syndrome and other autoimmune disorders. In concurrent and no concurrent vitiligo patients with malignant melanoma, melanin cell cytoplasmic antibody and capsular antibody in the serum, will have immune killer role to melanoma and the melanin cell nucleus. At the same time, in part of vitiligo patients’ serum, there will be antibody of tyrosinase, showing that the abnormal immune cells reaction involves in the pathogenesis of vitiligo.

With the in-depth development and research of immunology, the relationship between immunization and vitiligo arouse the attention of people. The relationship between vitiligo and immunity has the following performances:

First, to a known as the white spot at the edge of the uplift, advanced the edge of the white spot and halo nevus tissue biopsy, but found lymphocytes and mononuclear cells infiltration, or both of the two kinds of cells.These two kinds of cells related to immune function.

Second, someone determines vitiligo patients’ blood. It is found one melanocyte antibodies and other immunological indexes to change.

Third, the rate of vitiligo patients to get autoimmunity disease(lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis).

Forth, vitiligo patients have high rate of isomorphic reaction. In the statistic analysis, among 904 vitiligo patients, there will be 127 patients get isomorphic reaction for various isomorphic reaction, thus leading to vitiligo aggravating. At present, doctors think that isomorphic reaction may belong to a kind of autoimmune phenomenon.

Fifth, corticosteroid hormone can get good treatment effect. And at the same time with the recovery of vitiligo, the abnormal immunity index will also get recovery and get normal.

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