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The Nonnegligible Spirit Factors for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo causesSpirit is very vital to human health. Spirit factors usually mean external stimulation that can arouse depression and worry and other negative emotions, which also is called life events. In clinic, we often find that vitiligo patients’ lesion occurs after their stressful spirit and negative events. In Chinese ancient time, there is a literary quotation called ‘self-created suspision’. This literary quotation fully shows the influence of spirit factors on human emotion and health. Medically, human emotion are various. In traditional Chinese medicine, emotion can be divided to be ’happy, angry, anxious, think, sad, fear and surprise’, abbreviated to be seven sensations. Seven sensations are the feeling reaction of ‘happy, angry, anxious, think, sad, fear and surprise’, the seven sensation system develops gradually. These factors are important factors to treat diseases, for example, happiness hurts heart, anger hurts liver, think hurts spleen, worry hurts lung, fear hurts kidney.

In clinic, some scholars have done some statistics about vitiligo causes, they found that there are about 35% vitiligo patients get vitiligo induced by spirit factors. Some are mental stimulation, some are plenty of mental strains, some are plenty of thought tension, psychological stress, depression and other factors.

Why spirit factors can induce vitiligo?

The sublimation of tyrosinase metabolic pathways. From the organization, the melanin cells and nerve cells are ramification of ectoblast. Under the action of tyrosine, melanophore will synthesize melanin. Under the action of tyrosine, nerve cells will synthesize catecholamine. Catechins are similar to dopamine in structure. When people are under stress, sympathetic nerve will feel excited, and catecholamine synthesis will increase, which will constitute a competitive inhibition to melanin synthesis.

Nerve, endocrine and immunity pathway. Recent researches find that psychological stress can affect the interaction between the central nervous system and the immune system, and this part is done by hormone and neuropeptide. Many clinical cases show that vitiligo patients often accompany with different endocrine disorder and disorder of immune function. Thus, we can infer that mental factors induce vitiligo is likely through nerve - endocrine system. For example, some scholars reported vitiligo patients complicated with alopecia areata is four times the amount of the patients with vitiligo alone. Thus we can see that mental factor is an important reason to cause and aggravate vitiligo.

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