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What Is Isomorphic Reaction for Vitiligo Patients

isomorphic reactionIsomorphic reaction is a phenomenon that when normal skin is damaged, then it will induce the lesion manifestation the same as the existing skin lesion. And vitiligo isomorphic reaction refers to a phenomenon that after the skin inflammation or after trauma, human skin will start local white spots or the existing white spots expend. Isomorphic reaction is a common clinical manifestations of patients with vitiligo, and it is also one of the causative factors of vitiligo.

Isomorphic reaction occurs mostly in the progress of vitiligo. If your vitiligo appears isomorphic reaction during stable period, it indicates that the illness is likely to have further development. Isomorphic reaction occurs mostly in the place such as trauma positions and skin and soft tissue infection positions. Usually it occurs in a month after the skin is damaged. But it must be epidermal basal cell layer or dermal damage, if only damage corneous layer, generally it does not cause isomorphic reaction.

Isomorphic reaction may be related to the damage of melanin cells in the basal cell layer. In the process of wound healing, some released cytokines, free radicals and lymphocyte infiltrate the cell toxic substances generating by bacteria, making melanin cells having original abnormal function and form more vulnerable to damage. Vitiligo isomorphic reaction are thought to be autoimmune reaction phenomena. Research data show that the external use medicines stimulation and all kinds of skin inflammation, such as drug dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema, urticaria, local skin infection, trauma surgery, friction pressure can make the white spot aggravate. Therefore, vitiligo patients should pay more attention and try to avoid.

The key to prevent isomorphic reaction is to avoid skin wound. After isomorphic reaction appears, you should avoid strong irritant medicines, photochemotherapy, autologous epidermal transplantation therapy.

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