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Woman Vitiligo: Why Vitiligo Occurs on Woman Vagina

woman vitiligo causesThere are various reasons to arouse depigmentation on women vagina. Relevant data show that many vitiligo patients’ depigmentation spots are incipient in the vagina; It may also be a white spots first appears on other parts of human body, then develop into the vagina. If women vagina just has vitiligo without other inflammations, this kind of white spots need not to treat.

There are also other diseases can cause the vagina white spot:

1. Sclerotic atrophic lichen, also known as hard withers. This disease is a chronic atrophic disease. At the beginning period, you can see white hard papule with waxy gloss, which is slightly higher than normal skin, presenting the needle size. Later the papule will expand and emerge together. With the disease develops, the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue can gradually atrophy, labium majus pudendi gets dry, clitoris shrinks, skin gets white and thin. When the condition is serious, the skin is as thin as parchment or cigarette paper, and patients will subjectively feel itching. Sometimes it also needs histopathologic examination to be identified with other diseases.

2. Women leukoderma is a special name for leukoplakia in female genital area, and is also seen as a precancerous lesions. Female leukoderma is common seen in postmenopausal women. This kind of white spots decoloring incompletely, characterized by the thickening of gray, rough surface, a sense of infiltration, skin stripes, mesh or schistose. Also it has irregular shape, and often happens on the inside of the labia. It can also occur in clitoris or vaginal mucosa. Because of the scratch, the affected area will present eczematoid lesions, ichenification, chaps, fester and secondary infection. The general estimate show that patients with vitiligo for a long time have 5% - 10% canceration rate.

3. The vulva dermatitis includes female genitals eczema and neurodermatitis. It mainly happens on labium majus pudendi and labia ditch, and often spreads around the anus. Due to the long duration, repeated attacks, pruritus, friction, soaping, burn, the skin texture will become thicken. The color can be gray or white, which is similar to vulva vitiligo. But vulva dermatitis usually has a history of acute onset of skin erythema, papule, seepage and erosion.

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