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Vitiligo Causes: Why Women Get Vitiligo

woman vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a common dermatosis, which is easy to occur in women groups. This is mainly because that women vitiligo patients have irregular living habits and insufficiency of vital energy and blood. Besides, because of the influence of industrial chemical pollution, women vitiligo patients have lower immunity and resistance rate. If women vitiligo patients don’t pay much attention to these questions, it will be very easy to induce vitiligo.

After the onset of vitiligo, women vitiligo patients will be self-abased. They will also reject to associate with other people, which will bring great influence to their life, job and study. Here are some reasons causing vitiligo.

First, industrial chemical pollution.

According to relative data, industrial chemical pollution is one of the main reason to cause vitiligo. In resent years, the ozone sphere in the atmosphere has been destroyed by fluorine kind of refrigerant. Thus leading to ultraviolet ray directly irradiate on human skin. In addition, there are excessive chemicals in crops, which will affect human health. And this factor has become the chief culprit to induce vitiligo.

Second, irregular living and diet habits.

Women vitiligo patients’ vitiligo has close relationship with irregular diet. If women vitiligo patients have a dietary bias or dieting to keep fit in daily life, they will get malnutrition. If human body is absent of certain trace elements, it will set back the normal synthesis of melanophore, and then induce vitiligo. Besides, many women will stay up too late for work or other things. But they will ignore that this behavior will lead to endocrine dyscrasia, and then set back the synthesis of melanophore, and greatly increase the morbidity of vitiligo.

Third, the insufficiency of vital energy and blood.

If women vitiligo patients’ habitus is partial cold. They will be easy to get the insufficiency of vital energy and blood. At this time, if their skin get stings, burn and cuts, their vitiligo will be very easy get infection and generate vitiligo. If don’t get timely treatment, it will finally induce vitiligo.

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