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Is Vitiligo Related to Trace Element - Copper

vitiligo treatmentAccording to relevant recording of data, as early as 1938, some foreign scholars put forward the onset of vitiligo is because of the deficiency of copper. Hereafter, scholars at home and abroad have been making in-depth study about the relation of trace elements copper and vitiligo. And then they also researched vitiligo patients’ zinc, iron, cobalt and selenium level to find out the cause of vitiligo.

95% serum copper will combine with plasma proteins, it is called ceruloplasmin (ferroxidase) and serum copper oxidase. The remaining 5% serum copper will form tissue copper and copper enzyme. The important copper-containing enzymes include tyrosinase, lysyloxidase, cytochrome oxidase, dopamine hydroxylase, SOD ( superoxide dismutase ) and etc. Copper is relative to body’s oxidative metabolism. Copper deficiency will affect these copper-containing enzymes’ function, and then affect the body’s metabolism. For example, tyrosinase is the key enzyme for melanin synthesis, and lysyloxidase is a key for the covalent cross-linking of collagen and elastic fibers to obtain the stability and maturity. In clinic, the decrease of serum copper and ceruloplasmin will reduce melanin synthesis and then make human skin become white.Therefore, vitiligo patients can use bronze ware in daily life, such as copper spoon, copper kettle, and bowl and copper-containing tableware. These tableware can help to supplement copper. You can also take some copper-containing medicines under the guidance of doctors.

Vitiligo experts put forward the following suggestions:

First, early findings, early diagnosis, early treatment. Above 90% patients can be cured.

Second, the younger and the smaller the vitiligo areas, the better the treatment effect.

Third, don’t believe folk prescription lest delaying optimal treatment time.

Forth, don’t worry too much about inheritance. Vitiligo heritability is low, and about 95% vitiligo is environmental.

Fifth, vitiligo is not infectious. Don’t worry about infectivity.

Sixth, if your vitiligo is of large area or your age is over 50 years old, treatment difficulty will increase and the recovery rate will be low.

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