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Children With vitiligo Have the Psychological Problem

Children With vitiligo Have the Psychological ProblemThe vitiligo is a common skin disease, it also as physical-mental disease. The vitiligo not only compromises the body health, but also will harm the patient’s psychology. To the children with vitiligo, it will have a great adverse effect to the development of the metal for the children.

The vitiligo patients’ skin will appear some white patches, they neither feel pain nor will itches, generally the white patches not cause any pain to the patients. Because of this, the patients are not paying much attention to this. They do not seek for a timely treatment. On the other hand, the children is very young, it is very difficulty to notice the white patches, if the parents too busy to accompany their children, ignore the white patches of their children. When the white patches spread to other part of body, It can bring a great harm to the children.

Because of the children consciousness haven’t fully developed, they didn’t have the complex mental activities, the cognitive development is relatively low, belonging to the basic unconscious, intuitive operation stage of thinking, their response to disease by observing the parents fear, anxiety, anger, sad. They understand the disease through lose the parents caring, so it cause anger, worry, and degradation behavior to them.

When the children enter to mature period, their cognitive ability developed very fast. They are able to us abstract thinking. They will have a rather strong ability to think, so the emotion’s experience also is rather profound, during this period. If the children can not synchronize with peers fully master the knowledge and skills. They will have the low self-esteem.

During this stage, if no one tells the children the vitiligo can be cure after using the long term medication, they will think that the vitiligo is a permanent, not reversible, and will feel hopeless, fear to this disease.

The vitiligo has a great harm to the children’s healthy, if we don’t pay attention to it, and don’t seek a timely treatment. The vitiligo even will affect their future. We suggest the parents bring their children to the standard hospital to seek for professional treatment.

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