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Negative Mood will Induce Vitiligo

Bad mood will induce the vitiligoWe find out the vitiligo have the close relationship with emotional status. In most patients before and after the onset of this disease, the study shows that they will feel worried, depression even have insomnia on the night. It is very troublesome for them. This disease also will affect their career, study. Some patients try to end their life after the long term suffering.

We find that the depression have a large influence to the metabolism of melancytes, especially for female. Relevant research indicates that 74% of the women with vitiligo have hepatic depression syndrome. It will present different degrees of dysmenorrhea, chest pain, breast lumps and irregular periods, etc.

What is relationship between the bad mood and vitiligo?

1) Indirect cause

There are many factors will induce the vitiligo. If you keep a bad emotion status on a long term, you will have a higher possibility for getting vitiligo. This also will cause the white patches spread to other part of body.

2) Emotional changers

During the treatment progress, we find that the emotional changes play a very important role to onset of vitiligo. Most of the vitiligo patients are depressed, pessimistic status. These negative emotional states have a serious influence to their work, study, and many other aspects of life. Even some patients have the thoughts of suicide.

The people with negative feelings are more easily to have vitiligo. Bad mood to human body harm is serious especially female patients. Besides that, because of the mental over stress, the human body also secrete adrenaline gland to response the emergency situation. The adrenalin is transferred by the tyrosinase. Too much adrenalin formation will cause loss too much tyrosinase, it will inhibit the formation of the melancytes, and not benefit to the treatment for vitiligo patients.

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