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What Kind of Occupation Easily to Get Vitiligo

What kind of the occupation easily to get vitiligoPeople from different regions and different races all have possibility to get vitiligo. Certain occupations are easily to get this disease, so they have to talk note of this. In this article I will analyze what kind of job at risk.

We found that patients can from all walks of life. Every occupation has the risk getting vitiligo. Generally to say, the etiology doesn’t have much difference among different occupation.

In clinic we also found that certain chemical substance has a selected destroy effect to the melanin cells. It will cause skin discoloration, such as hydrogen peroxide solution splash on the hands accidently for the laboratory worker on hospital. Liquid nitrogen make the skin discolored, the white patches will be permanent on the skin. So for those people usually expose to the chemical agents at chemical plant, leather manufacturing, rubber factory should take special precaution against to this.

Although vitiligo have certain relationship with the occupational factors, however it doesn’t very obvious. Genetic factor and the neuropsychical factor, chemical factor, short of copper ions, infectious factor, trauma factor all these factors may induce the onset of vitiligo. There are also some risk factors uncommonly in clinic.

The vitiligo due to repeated attacked of amygdalitis

The inducement of vitiligo for children is because of tonsillitis repeated attacks, the inflammatory of tonsil will cause the stress response, when the emergency response system repeated, and it will induce the occurrence of vitiligo.

All in all, we know that some people work at chemical plant, leather manufacturing, and rubber factory are higher risk to get vitiligo.

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