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Which population are Easily to Get Vitiligo

Which population are easily to get vitiligoVitiligo is a condition where white patches develop on your skin. It is due to loss of color from areas of your skin. There are usually no other symptoms but the appearance of your skin can be distressing. In this article I will introduce who are risk getting to the vitiligo.

1)The first population is adolescent. The adolescent have a poor resistance to the environment pollution, the air pollution, water pollution, environment pollution. So it has a great harm to the immature adolescent. So the adolescent are easily to have vitiligo, and the adolescent mental stress and the diet bias also will induce the onset of the vitiligo.

2)The second population the people usually work on outdoors.The people work outdoors are easily to irradiated by the UV light, it will cause sunburn of the skin, cause the occurrence of the vitiligo. Vitiligo this disease is mainly because of loss of the melancytes. Due to impairing of tyrosinase function or loss of the tyrosinase in the melancytes cause some pathological changes. White patches can appear on any part of skin It may be circular, oval, strip or irregular shape, the color of white degrees. The lesion part of skin is smooth. Neither have the metabolic substance nor pain, itchiness.

3)The third the people usually contact with the irritated chemical substance, it will cause some injury to the melancytes function. Especially for those who are engage in chemical industry and contact the chemical substance long term. They are higher risk to get vitiligo. So we suggest the patients need to take some precautions to lower down the risk.

4) The people have a low immunity

The study shows that the vitiligo patients have low immunity ability during the process of onset of this disease. They are easily to be harmed by the environment adverse factors. So we suggest that low immunity people need to do daily exercise, increase the self immunity, and avoid the onset of the vitiligo.

5) Family history

Vitiligo condition has certain transmissibility. The descendant of vitiligo family have the risk to get this disease, but the heredity is not a main factor for the vitiligo, so we suggest they should have a life care, diet, and sleeping. Avoid the onset of the vitiligo for the people with family history factors.

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