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What Are the Causes for Vitiligo

What are the causes for vitiligo?

What are the possible causes for the vitiligo patients actually, although we are not very clear about the real causes of vitiligo? Some causes are unknown. Beijing CASU patient roughly divided vitiligo cause into the following five factors. It may be stimulated by many internal and outer factors such as the immunity dysfunction, psychoneuro and endocrine and the metabolic function disorder. All these factors will impair the formation of the melanin, because of the inhibited of the tyrosinase system and the damaged melancytes. Finally it will cause loss of the pigment.

1) The first is the psycho neural chemistry theory

Many clinical observation shows that the psycho neural factors have a close relationship with the vitiligo. It roughly estimated that 2/3 cases of the vitiligo patients have the mental trauma, and insomnia, mental strain during the developing stage of this disease.

2) Auto immunity theory

We observe that the vitiligo patients and their relatives may also have some auto immune diseases in recent years research. Such as thyroiditis and hyperactive of thyroid function, diabetes, chronic adrenal insufficiency, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, malignant melanoma other such as focal inflammatory bowel disease, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, bronchitis, alopecia areata etc. for the patients have those immune disease have the higher incidence than the ordinary people. We also find some specific antibody of the thyroglobulin, smooth muscle, the lining of the stomach cells, Adrenal tissues in the serum of the vitiligo patients. The rate is significant increase for the vitiligo patients with this autoimmune disease, the incidence of getting this disease are 10 times higher than the ordinary people. Besides that, the isomorphic reaction rate is high. At present we think the isomorphic reaction is one of the phenomenons of autoimmunity problem. These are all explain that the vitiligo have a close relationship with the immunity dysfunction.

3) Melanin cells self-destructed theory

Pathological changes of the epidermal melanocytes. The melancytes function partly or completely declining causes the melancytes and the melanin particle significantly decreased. In the process of formation of melanin, the intermediate species are the single phenol or polyphenols. There substance will inhibit the synthesis of pigment. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital have proved that polyphenols and catechins can damage to normal melanocytes.

4) Relatively lack of the tyrosine and copper ion theory

The production of melanin is a complex biochemical process. And the dopa is a predecessor of the adrenalin or melanin. It’s all originated from the tyrosinase. Mental stress will produce large amount of the adrenaline hormone, at this movement, dopa is mainly orientated the synthesis of the adrenaline, so the synthesis of the melanin will be affected. That’s why the mental stress will cause vitiligo.

5) The genetic factor

Some people think that vitiligo may be an autosomal dominant inheritance skin diseases, has been found in the identical twins may also suffer from this disease. The incidence is from 18% to 40% for the vitiligo patient’s relatives.

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