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New Findings: The Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo causesMany vitiligo patients are eager to try various vitiligo therapies, especially creams, oral medicines, laser, phototherapy and etc. But they usually ignore why they get vitiligo. In fact, vitiligo causes are various. Therefore, before any treatments, vitiligo patients should do some examinations to check out the causes of their vitiligo.

And here are some causes of vitiligo.

First, the onset of vitiligo is closely related to mental factors. Under the adjustment of neurohumour, melanin will be generated. And central nervous system has intimate relation with the onset of vitiligo. When vitiligo researchers do researches about a certain amount of vitiligo patients, they find that when vitiligo patients are at the initial stage, stable stage, improved stage even recovery stage, if they are suffering from trauma psychic, overstrain nerves or mental tension, their vitiligo will enlarge, increase and relapse.

Second, local nerve damage will also induce the onset of vitiligo. Patients’ white spots will present ribbon pattern or strip distribution along with nerve segment or dermatomere. Some times, their vitiligo will appear from the corner of the mouth to angle of mandible shingles positions. Patients will feel local dysesthesia. According to relevant reports, vitiligo occurs at the damaged positions dominated by brachial plexus nerve fibers. Also there are researches finding that among segmental vitiligo, nerve fiber will penetrate into the melanophore at the junction of white spots and normal skin. This phenomenon can not be seen at normal skin.

Third, central nervous system lesion will arouse vitiligo. Lots of data show that some infectious diseases, such as syphilis, leprosy and other diseases will not only arouse systematic damage, but also accompany with skin color change. Researchers indicate that the change of skin color is related to central nervous system lesion. For example, disseminated sclerosis patients’ skin will occur depigmentation like vitiligo. Segmental vitiligo’ lesion distribution is presenting segmental characteristic, involving one or several nerve segment.

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