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Who are eaily to suffer from vitiligo

Does the vitiligo related to race?The vitiligo is a common acquired localized or generalized dipigmentation skin disease. The vitiligo may attack the people from difference race, different nationality. The female have the higher incidence than the male. Based on the clinic statistics from the CASU vitiligo hospital’s specialist, if skin color is deeper, the higher incidence of the vitiligo. The research found that the morbidity up to 4% for deeper color race people. For example India, but the shallow color race the morbidity of the vitiligo is lower than 1%, Such as American and England. Than why the deeper skin color people are easily to suffer from vitiligo?

There are some aspects can cause pigment disappear

1) The black melanosome color and testure is relative lighter for pale color skin, melanosome size is small, oval shape, it distribute in a collection, a few melanosomes wrapped together. Deeper color skin race people’s melanosome is opposite with the pale color skin people. The melanosome color is deeper; the volume is larger, circle shape.

2) When the melanosome transfer to the nearby keratin cells,

The light skin types of melanosomes mainly exist in the base layer and prickle cell layer of skin. But, you can see melanosome in every layer of epidermis of the deeper color skin, so it will cause the vitiligo because of lacking of melanin.

There are many factors to cause vitiligo. The other factor is melanin synthesis metabolism will be very productive for the deeper color skin people. Once we use the UV light to irritate. So it will accelerate the consummation of the melancytes. The metabolic intermediate products will accumulate, and it will further destroy the melancytes.

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