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The Vitiligo with the Blood type

The vitiligo with the blood typeMany disease have a tendency to pass on to next generation, the blood type also is the symbol of the inheritance. People usually judge the kinship by checking the blood type. And the researchers have done a study about the relationship between the blood type and. So how does the vitiligo relate to blood type?

The Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital have been studying this problems for many years, whether the vitiligo is related to blood type, some of the scholars think there are no relationship between the vitiligo and the blood type. Vitiligo is not a blood disease, it is only a melanin depigmentation’s skin disease. But there are also some scholars think blood type A and type B prone to suffer from vitiligo, but there are no evidence to prove their hypothesis.

People have done blood type research about the vitiligo patients. They found that the four blood types people all in presence vitiligo patients, but there are no differences between them. In reality some people think that the vitiligo patients is major blood type B, but some people think the blood A type is much more than other blood types. Actually there is no evidence about that.

The vitiligo is not a blood disease it doesn’t relate to blood type, the pathogenesis is complicated for the vitiligo disease. The risk factors are relatively not definitive. What we should do is to adopt the scientific and standard treatment method to treat this disease. Even this disease is to difficulty to treat, but the vitiligo patients should not give up, don’t use some specific medicine. These medications will irritate the skin, and not benefit to the disease recovery, on the contrary it will worsen this disease. So the vitiligo patient should look for a professional solutions to treat their disease.

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