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Vitiligo Causes:Why Melanin Decreases

Vitiligo causes: why melanin decreasesVitiligo can happen around the world in different races and people groups. Women’ morbidity is much higher than men’ morbidity. According to clinical statistics of vitiligo specialists, races having deep skin color have higher morbidity. According to surveys, the morbidity of deep color group can up to 4%, such as Indian. And light-skinned people have only no more than 1% morbidity, such as America and English. The two races have obvious difference. Therefore, why deep-skinned people are easy to get vitiligo? The reasons are not clear yet. It may related to the synthetic melanin form. Therefore, melanin determines that deep-skinned people have higher vitiligo morbidity.

The aspects causing melanin disappearance:

First, the light-skinned people’ melanin is comparatively light, and the size is s little small, distributing like assembly type, which also means that several melanin gathers together. Deep-skinned people’ melanin is opposite. The color is deep, and size is comparatively big, distributing single shape, which also means vitiligo is single existence.

Second, when melanosomes transfer from melanophore to closer keratinocyte, light-skinned people’ melanin usually exists in epidermal basal layer and epithelial prickle cell layer. And deep-skinned people’ melanin exist in all lasers of human skin, thus leading to melanin loss and then arouse vitiligo.

There are many reasons causing vitiligo. Another reason is that deep-skinned people’ melanin synthesis and metabolism is comparatively vigorous. Once given stimulating factor such as ultraviolet ray, melanin synthesis melanin will be vigorous, , thus accelerating melanophore assumption. Because vigorous melanin metabolism, the middle substance will kill melanophore, thus inhabiting melanophore synthesis and metabolism and causing depigmentation. Therefore, the best method to prevent vitiligo is to protect skin.

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