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The Causes of Vitiligo

The Causes of Vitiligo,vitiligoVitiligo shows the symptoms on skin, but the real cause is not on the skin surface. So if you want the treatments from the real causes, you should also figure out the real causes.

In the modern theory that vitiligo is an immune disorder. The patients have a over react to the invader from the outside environment. Then the human body immune system and immune cells attack the invader as well as attack the self-tissue and cells. So the western medicine and treatments can works on the white patches, and adjust the immune system. The medication includes anti-immune disorder and anti-inflammation. The treatment usually contains the laser and UVB treatment.

The causes can be divided into external and internal types, and the causes from the external aspect include sun burn, injury, and infection. The cause from the internal aspect includes pressure, immune disorder and the gene. Some of the patients have family history of vitiligo.

For this type of cause, the kids should have a early caution. Not all the next generation will definitely get vitiligo. So we should pay attention to the foods and triggers early if there is a family history of vitiligo.

But in China, the Chinese doctors think that the vitiligo show the white patches on skin, but the real cause is not show the skin, the cause is in blood, and the root is the disorder of the internal organs.

The symptoms of vitiligo are similar, but different people with various physical condition and causes. So we should give the treatment and medication to suit your own condition. If you still have any problem about vitiligo, you can consult our online doctor, and you can also send your problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com and we will try our best to give you a professional solution.

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