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vitiligo causesVitiligo is mainly caused by melanin attrition. The triggering factors are various, such as pressure, urgent circumstance, trauma, immunity decrease, endocrine disorder, tyrosinase, the relative deficiency of copper ion, infection and etc. There are more than a dozen of vitiligo causes. Therefore, don’t treat vitiligo blindly. Before taking any medicines or using any cream, you are supposed to find out the cause of your vitiligo and then treat your vitiligo from the root.

Here are some simple introductions about vitiligo causes.

First, the disorder of internal secretion and immunity function: some pathogenic factors(chemistry and heavy mental toxic substance) will lead to human body immunity function disorder, endocrine function imbalance. At the same time, the body will generate melanophore antibodies and then cause melanophore damage and attrition. Thus leading to the onset of vitiligo. The damaged melanophore will release antigen again to stimulate human body to produce more melanophore antibodies. Thus, this circumstance will cause more melanophore be damaged and arouse vicious circle. In this way, it will lead to vitiligo condition develop and aggravate further. Human immune response is a comparatively complicated physiological and pathological process. Besides, long-term mental pressure and spirit trauma will also lead to neurohumour adjustment imbalance and internal secretion disorder to arouse vitiligo.

Second, the deficiency of trace elements. Trace elements are the active substance to participate in body metabolism medium link, such as copper, zinc, selenium, iodine and etc. These substances can directly take part in melanophore synthesis, and protect melanophore from the damage of heavy metal damage. Researches find that, trace elements deficiency and proportion disorder can both lead to melanophore synthesis disorder.

Third, the neuropsychiatric factors. Modern pace of life makes some people burden heavy pressure. Some businessmen will be worried when their business are not smooth. Some workers worry they will lose job. Long-term mental pressure and excessive spirit pressure will lead to body endocrine disorder and immune disorder.

Forth, clinical observation indicates that only few vitiligo cases are related to inheritance, but it can not affect vitiligo treatment.

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