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The Factors That Trigger Vitiligo

 Trigger VitiligoVitiligo is a kind of acquired local skin pigment attrition disease.The decrease or absence of melanophore will lead to the attrition of local skin,mucous membrane and hair pigment.And then the white spot and patch will appear on the skin.And what lead to the generation of vitiligo?Here are some mysterious factors that can induce vitiligo and it is worthwhile for us to take attention.

1.Leucoderma is closely related to mental factor

Neurohumour regulation prompts the generation of melanin,and the central nervous system is closely related to the generation of leucoderma.After survey of quantitative vitiligo patients,scholars have found that when these vitiligo patients are in their early stage or stable stage ,resolving stage and recovery stage,their vitiligo will expand ,increase and reappear if they are effected again by trauma psychic,overtrain of nerves and mental tension.

2. Local nerve damage will induce leucoderma

Vitiligo is usually distributed as banding and strip along nerve segment and dermatomere,and sometimes it appears behind the herpes zoster from quarrel to angle of mandible.The patients feel local dysesthesia.It is reported that leucoderma appears on positions dominated by scathing brachial plexus nerve fibers. Besides,it is unusual for segmental leucoderma that there are nerve fiber stretching into melanophore which are between vitiligo and normal skin.

3. Central nervous system disease will induce leucoderma

A large number of data shows that some infectious diseases like syphilis,leprosy and pinta will not only induce system hurts,but also change the skin’s color.The scholors indicate that the change of skin color is related to central nervous system disease,such as the skin of multiple sclerosis will appear depigmentation like leucoderma.For segmental leucoderma,its skin lesion distribution is segmental,accumulating one or several nerve segment and it is one-sided exponential distrubution.

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