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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Wine

Can vitiligo patients drink wineWine is made from fermented foods such as grains, fruits and other starchy foods, such as white wine, and rice wine, fruit wine, and beer. All contain various kinds’ concentration of alcohol. Drink small amount of alcohol can increase the beneficial lipoprotein in the blood, it also can reduce the deposition of the cholesterol in the blood wall, promote blood circulation, lower down the blood viscosity, increased nerve excitability, it is beneficial to our body when we drink small amount alcohol.

During the metabolic process wine can produce some substances which poison the mechanism, such as the acetaldehyde requires acetaldehyde dehydrogenase produced by the liver to detoxify liver. Over drinking will cause a series of physiological function changes, lead to release of many biological active substances, such as increased plasma cortisol, renin, aldosterone, and vasopressin will make increase of adrenergic nerve activity, blood pressure. At same time enhance the aggregation of the platelet, and further induce the formation of the micro thrombus cause microcirculation obstruction.

And the pathogenesis of vitiligo is very complex, it related to the disorder of endocrine, mental nervous, microcirculation obstruction, autoimmune, and increasing of inflammatory factors, increased capability of resisting stress, keratinocytes function dysfunction. So we can see that any adverse factors can alter body functions can affect the vitiligo in various grade.

from over drinking can lead to disorder of endocrine, and microcirculation obstruction, increased adrenergic nerve activity aspects to say, that over drinking have certain influence to vitiligo. and the metabolite of alcohol can direct cause vasodilatation. And affect the permeability of the blood vessels. And it also influence the releasing of neurotransmitter by nervous and humoral coordination. It cause the amount of inflammatory mediator increase, destroy the melanophore in a directly or indirectly way.

So the vitiligo patients should not drinking wine, especially when the vitiligo is at the developing period, control and reduce the dangerous factors stimulates from outer environment.

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