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The Influences of Environment Pollution to Vitiligo

vitiligo causesNowadays, environment pollution is the biggest problem in the global. It has certain inducing effect to many diseases. Vitiligo causes have some relation with environment. Therefore, will environment pollution induce vitiligo? How it induces vitiligo?

In clinic, there are some researches about vitiligo groups. City has higher vitiligo morbidity than country. Industry developed regions have higher vitiligo morbidity than industry weak regions. So what kind of environment pollution can arouse vitiligo?

First, industry pollution: The industrial production lets out some untreated waste water and gas. The rapidly increased motor vehicle will let out automobile exhaust. These substance contains lots of harmful substances. According to survey, in heavy industry developed regions, the quantities of vitiligo patients are much higher than other regions. This is because that industries will let out much waste gas, water residue, which will directly cause damage to human body. Therefore, the vitiligo morbidity is increasingly high. So we should avoid touching these pollution in daily life. Besides, more and more fridges are used, fluorine kind of refrigerant will make the ozone sphere get damaged. Too much ultraviolet ray will irradiate earth, directly damage human skin health, even lead to cancer.

Second, many crops use too much chemical drugs. Without proper solution, it will also cause vitiligo, such as insecticide, bactericide and ripener. If meat poultry eat too much growth hormone, the remaining substance in their body will be harmful to human body. This is also a cause of vitiligo. With the society development, people life pace is getting quick. And the pollution is comparatively more. Although pollution is

inevitable, people still need to positively prevent vitiligo. Avoid the damage to human body from all aspects.

As we talk before, touching some compound will also induce vitiligo. If pollution becomes more and more severe, vitiligo morbidity will surely increase. To prevent the onset of vitiligo, people should cultivate good living habits and avoid cause burden to environment.

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