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What Physical Factors Are the Main Cause of Vitiligo

vitiligo causesVitiligo is a stubborn skin pigment loss or decrease skin disease that is easy to diagnose but hard to treat. When doctors treat it, they should make specific treatment plans according to patients’ causes, symptoms, development period. Don’t wait until your vitiligo spreads and enlarge, or it will not only bring patients physical damage, but also mental damage. At the same time, it will increase treatment difficulty and cost.

Skin is the biggest organ of human. The onset of many skin diseases are because human skin directly touches external environment. No matter external physical factors or chemical factors, they both have nonnegligible effects to the onset of vitiligo. The physical factors can be concluded to be the following factors:

First, it is the sunlight. Too much sunlight exposure will lead to melanophore hyperfunciton, promote melanophore wastage and early recession. If melanin is too much, and the intermediate products accumulate, it will cause melanophore damage and death. But it is worthy noting that some vitiligo patients are worried that sunlight will aggravate vitiligo. Long-term avoiding sunlight is also advantageous to vitiligo condition. Proper sunlight can activate melanophore and promote it generate melanin. Then restore skin color. As long as vitiligo patients avoid long-term sunlight, there is no damage to their body. Besides, physician will apply special ultraviolet ray to treat vitiligo in clinic. The effect principle is similar to sunlight.

Second, mechanical irritation: massage, scratch, oppress are common inducing factors. For example, if you wear glasses for a long time, there will be oppress on both sides of the bridge of the nose and ear. It can also arouse vitiligo.

Third, trauma, frostbite, burn and surgery: these factors can not only make local skin get white, but also make other positions get white spots.

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