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Bad Habits Can Induce Vitiligo

vitiligo causesFirst, excessive whitening.

Nowadays, many people like whitening. Of course, people would like to become beautiful. But if you excessively whitening, it will damage human skin. For example, frequent dull polish or some chemical decrustation will make skin become sensitive. What’s worse, chemical substances will stimulate damaged melanophore and make melanophore proliferate and differentiation changed. Then cells function will be damaged and then get vitiligo.

Second, too much sunlight exposure.

Many patients usually have a sunbath. Because long time strong ultraviolet ray will make melanophore function hyperfunction. Even seriously, their skin will get skin burn and decrustation. Then lead to local autonomic nerve structure damaged and melanophore damaged. Then lead to vitiligo development.

Third, serious food preference.

Food preference will bring us vitiligo. Therefore, on diet aspect, vitiligo patients should pay attention to reasonable diet. Don’t eat foods that are bad for our body, such as sodas, cookies potato chips, fried foods, hot pot and etc. Food preference will lead to trace elements imbalance, immunity function decrease, providing advantageous environment for vitiligo onset and development.

Forth, in daily life, women like make up, and some even prefer heavy makeup. Because there are many metal ingredients in cosmetics. If your skin is covered by cosmetics for a long time, your skin can not get good breathe. The pigment and harmful substances will leave in the skin surface even permeate into skin. Finally leading to skin metabolism function disorder, which is disadvantageous to facial vitiligo patients.

In daily life, vitiligo patients and normal people should prevent vitiligo. For example, cultivate good living habits. Good living habits are favorable to vitiligo condition. These habits can assistantly treat vitiligo. And vitiligo patients should protect their skin. Don’t touch harmful chemical substance and avoid trauma.

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