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Blood Test for Vitiligo Patients

Blood test for vitiligo patientsThe Vitiligo patients often accompanied by abnormal of the hemodynamic indexes, especially the whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, whole blood specific viscosity and hematocrit. Increased blood viscosity is not conducive to blood flowing. Therefore the increasing of blood viscosity is not good for the blood flowing, so the vitiligo patients are easily to have the microcirculation obstruction problem. So it is necessary to do a blood test for vitiligo patients.

Because the onset of the vitiligo patients are related to the abnormal of the immunity, therefore the positive rate of auto-antibodies for the normal people is higher than the vitiligo patients in the patients blood serum. The major of the antibodies are the anti-thyroid antibodies, anti-parietal cell antibodies, anti-nuclear antibodies. The peripheral blood T lymphocytes population examination and helper T lymphocytes decrease obviously.

Therefore lack or loss of SOD (superoxide dismutase) would cause immunity abnormal, tyrosinase activity decrease, and melancytes antibodies amount increased, loss of the micro element such as the copper zinc ion. More serious is the sometimes some susceptibility genes will appear causing apoptosis of melancytes and melanocortin cell synthesis disorder. So when we examine their SOD level in the blood for vitiligo patients, they will found that the SOD is at a low level.

Therefore it would be very necessary for vitiligo patients to do some blood test, if there is any abnormal in the blood test. We need to find out real cause before we start to treatment. it will be benefit for the patients color restoring.

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