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How The Different Seasons Affect Vitiligo

How the seasons affect vitiligo

The vitiligo has a close relationship with the season. This disease have the higher morbidity in spring and summer. The autume and the winter have a lower incidence have this disease. To many patients their vitiligo will become worse on spring or at beginning or end of summer.

The major reason is because it related to the UV ray, one hand the whether is very dry in spring. The UV ray have a strong penetrability and large amount of the UV ray will reach to the ground. On the other hand after winter the people have the lower adaptability to ultraviolet light, therefore the patients solar skin disease rate will increase at spring end and summer beginning it also related with the diet and rest and the mood swing. Surely we can not exclude out the environment factors such as the temperature and atmospheric pressure. It will also have a great effect to the internal environment and further alter the nervous endocrine system.

It should be pointed that some of the patients with white patches on their hands will complain that their vitiligo will become more severe during summer. The white patches will disappear in winter, and the summer easily to rebound again. When we know about how does the season play a role in treating vitiligo. the patients should adjust the their life habit and sun protection in different seasons. The patients should not over drinking alcohol, and stay up to late, or break the normal internal clock.

At the same time we have to make a adjustment to control the exposure time under sun on different seasons. Such as in spring and the winter sun light fall diagonally to ground around the noon. So the exposure time can be longer. But during the spring end and the beginning of the summer the sun light direct reach to the ground. So we should avoid the blazing sun exposure. It is better to choose to sit under sunlight in morning and evening. The patient can reduce the exposure time, but increase the exposure times. It will prevent the skin harming under the blazing sunlight.

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