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Does Vitiligo Will Appear on Face?

Does vitiligo will appear on face? Will all the vitiligo appear on face or the white patches spread to face? Because of the aetiological agent and pathogenic site and characteristic all are different for every patient. So we can not treat different people as same. The most obvious traits for vitiligo are easily to spread, and especially spread to facial part. It makes many vitiligo patients distressed. This also is one of the questions that they are most interested. There is a reason here why the vitiligo preferred to appear on the face and cervical part.

1) Exposure part skin is venerable under sun shine.

2) In the process of synthesis of melancytes, when the intermediate substances accumulated too much it will injure the melancytes cause the onset of vitiligo.

3) Friction pressure for a long time, microcirculation obstruction, local damage all there factors may induce vitiligo.

When vitiligo appears on the face or exposure part, it severely affects the people’s image. It will bring a great harm to patient’s psychology and mental health. So the patients should seek for treatment timely when the vitiligo on facial, otherwise the white patches will expand and destroy the patient’s life. The patients must conduct a treatment at the initial stage of this disease, and it will be more easily to treat at that time. And it will be very troublesome if vitiligo develop until out of control.

The pathogenesis is not very clear for vitiligo, but most of onset of vitiligo is related to mental factors. It is very important to have a health mind in daily life. Meantime the vitiligo patients should relax their mind and prevent this disease relapsing and expanding. We don’t suggest patients use barriers liquid and cosmetic products. Because of this products will irritate the skin. On the other hand the patients should adjust their mindset to face this disease bravely.

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