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Whitening Injection Will Induce Vitiligo

whitening injection will induce vitiligoNowadays beauty industry develops rapidly, and it pursued by a large population who love beauty. The whitening injection is greatly admired by many women. Than what is the principle of the whiten injection. Does it induce vitiligo?

Whitening injection is the most fashionable products that white skin and remove freckle, this products are fond by many women because of the obvious efficacy. It is honoured as ‘skin whitening angle. The principle of the whiten jnijection is to inhibit the synthesis of the melanin, such as the reduced glutathione in the formula of whiten injection can reduce the formation of the pigment granules through inhibiting the tyrosinase metabolism. So in theory whiten injection have the effect to whiten skin, but over white will cause the severely damaged of melancytes that will lead to vitiligo, and for those patients who already suffered from vitiligo. They should not more to use whitening injection.

Besides that, I want to remind the lady friends, the whiten injection need to inject into blood, if the whiten injection are not tested by the sanitary safety department and it doesn’t has basic security assurance. Besides that, whiten injection may contain some kind of steroid hormone, long using will cause the skin are dependent to the hormone and the hormonal dermatitis, and it will cause irreversible damage to skin health.

So whether you are suffer from vitiligo, and I suggest that vitiligo patients are not use this way to make skin become white, and the vitiligo patients should not use cosmetic products, incase it will induce vitiligo or cause it become more severe.

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