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Why My Vitiligo Spreading So Fast

Why vitiligo spread so fast When the vitiligo symptoms become more, it means the vitiligo become more severe than before, the white patches may probably to spread all over the body mainly at the generalized vitiligo later phase. When the white patches cove the 50 % of whole body surface and distribute to the many part of body, it would be very hard to cure this disease.

When the white patches color becomes deeper such as cloudy or porcelain white that is one of the manifestations of worsen of this disease. At the same time melancytes damaged at the lesion part and melanin become less and less. The white patches will gradually develop from pale white or milky white to cloudy white and porcelain white color. Gradually small white patches will link together. Here are six points about why vitiligo spreading so fast?

1. We can not suddenly stop or change the medication or give up during treatment process.

2. Trauma or the scratches leading the isomorphic reaction, at the same time the Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital specialist found that 70% of large surface of vitiligo is related to the external trauma.

3. For those patients who lack of the microelement which supply the growing of the melancytes are easily to spread. But vitiligo because of the trauma is not easily to expand.

4. For those patients with an irregular diet and diet bias white patches are prone to spread.

5. The vitiligo is more easily spreading in summer and spring.

6. Mental strain or suffer from some psychological trauma.

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