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Drinking Alcohol Can Lead Vitiligo

Drinking alcohol can lead to vitiligo Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital UM-D specialist thought, after drinking alcohol it will lead the microcirculation obstruction leading clotting of small peripheral vein, because of the blood deposition obstruct bake flowing of blood circulation. So that it makes tissue cells ischemia, hypoxia. It further causes the damaged of the melanctes and induces vitiligo.

Over drinking alcohol can narcotize the skin microcirculation blood vessels regularly function. And lead the body unable to resist the cold even cause multi-organs damaged. such as cardiovascular system injury and the alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcohol can accelerate the spreading of the vitiligo hope vitiligo patients can abandon the alcohol, otherwise it will affect the treatment effects.

Therefore, smoking and consuming alcohol are possibly to cause the vitiligo, and alcohol as one sort of spicy irritating drinks, so the vitiligo patients should avoid alcohol and cigarettes, the alcohol and cigarettes have no benefits to the patients except harming their health. Small amount alcohol can improve the brain excitability. Once we intake too much alcohol it will case the damaged to our organic body, and inhibit the activity of our body cells.

Does the external using alcohol have the therapeutic effect in treating vitiligo?

Drinking alcohol doesn’t benefit to the recovery to vitiligo, even can induce the vitiligo. Then why there are some of the drugs that contain alcohol. Many people have some prejudice to the ingredient of alcohol, they think that the external using alcohol will irritate our skin make skin get allergy even damaged our skin. Actually this concept is rather unfair for alcohol this products. As we all know that alcohol are essential in many cosmetic and external use of chemicals.

One hand, alcohol have been approved as a good A good sterilization disinfectant, cleaners and degreasing agent by many authoritative skin institution. It have ability to remove the oil pollution, it also have antiseptic and antiphlogistic effect to acne skin which are easy to produce secretion. On the other hand the alcohol is a good solvent can dissolve some effective ingredients.

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