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UM-D Multi Dimensional Diagnostic System

UM-D multi dimensional diagnostic system We normally do some test for new admission patients, there tests are designed by CASU vitiligo hospital specialists. And after analyze the test results so we can make more comprehensive therapeutic methods to our patients.

Skin CT test is a newest examination by using the noninvasive laser imaging technology to access the melancytes function and shape at the lesions part and normal skin scientifically. By analyzing the test result to access the amount of the melancytes and if there are any melanin secretion. We also can estimate the development speed of vitiligo by analyzing the normal skin melancytes function.

Routine examination: including blood routine examination, liver test, kidney test, blood sugar level and the blood lipid level. All these routine examination will find some potential internal organ problems or any abnormal of the function. It is benefit to the recovery of vitiligo can improve the cure rate.

Microelement examination: any factors that will affect the synthesis of the melanin such as the tyrosine, tyrosinase, dopamine, zinc, copper. The experimental prove that the laboratory tests confirmed vitiligo patients all have the copper metabolism and copper utilize problems. So the microelement examination can effectively find out what’s the real factors that this disease.

Immunity function examination: we applied the immunity examination is useful for clinical diagnose and prognosis speculation, and evaluate the treatment effect. Cell factors and the melancytes surface factors and cellular immunity, and the autoimmunity, transplantation immunity, and apoptosis all these are related to the vitiligo pathogenesis factors are needs to get a right conclusion by using the immunity function test.

Histopathological analysis: vitiligo is characterized by the lack of the pigment in focal area caused by disordering of melancytes metabolism. There are no inflammatory reactions except lacking

of melancytes and the melanin granule at basal layer of skin. Histopathological examinations are used to examine any physiological changes skin and tissue and internal cells. Examine the pathogeneses and discuss the reasons of this disease.

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