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Can Alcohol Cause Vitiligo

vitiligo causeBeijing Zhongke vitiligo hospital UMD experts think that drinking alcohol can lead to microcirculation disorder, which will lead to small peripheral vein expand and extravasated blood. Because blood silting-up will cause disorder to blood backflow, causing histocyte ischemia hypoxia. Thus leading to melanophore damage and triggering vitiligo. Besides, excessive drinking can make skin microcirculation blood vessel adjustment function anesthesia, and then make human resistance to cold weather greatly decrease. Even leading to various human organs damaged, such as cardiovascular system damage, alcoholic cirrhosis and etc. Alcohol can accelerate white spots spreading on human skin. So our specialists suggest vitiligo patients not drink alcohol,or it will affect vitiligo treatment.

From the above introductions, we can know smoking and drinking may also lead to vitiligo. Because wine is as a kind of spicy and irritant beverage, it is no benefit to vitiligo patients. Little intake of wine can improve brain excitement. But excessive drinking can not only lead to destruction to human body, but also inhibit cell activity.

Will long-term drinking cause vitiligo aggravation? Will external using of alcohol have treatment effect? If you have relevant questions, you can consult online.

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