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How Does Vitiligo Start

How does vitiligo startTraditional Chinese medicines and western medicines have different opinions about the generation of vitiligo. Traditional Chinese medicines think that: Inheritance or meridians not free and the inhibit of qi and blood will make qi and blood imbalance for long time. Damage skin and make blood can not nourish skin sufficiently. If skin is deficient for nutrition, then it will cause white spots. Because wind is easy to change, vitiligo is developing very fast. At the initial stage, vitiligo presents to be white spots. For long time, it will spread and enlarge to be big pieces, no fixed places. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicines think vitiligo treatment should pay more attention to internal livers and the adjustment of qi and blood.

In western medicines, many experts think that: The cause of vitiligo is mainly because some physical and chemical factors can cause body blood be insufficient for copper ion and tyrosinase, thus making skin can not get enough nutrition and metabolism products can not be taken away timely, leading to the function loss of melanophore’ tyrosinase system at the intersection of epidermis and dermis. Thus alleviating even stop the generation of melanin. What’s more, the outside bad irradiation disturb human body and make resistance ability decrease, then lead to the onset of vitiligo.

The mental and neural theory: it is mainly because melanophore origins from neural crest, damage neural segmental distribution. Vitiligo skin sensor may have malnutrition change, and then separate a kind of substance melatonin to stop melanophore pigment generation and then make skin color get light. At vitiligo lesion positions, the surrounding neural end activity increases and then release the melatonin relevant substance. Thus decreasing the melanin ability and leading to vitiligo.

Vitiligo causes are various, including some trauma, scratching will also cause skin damage. Then arouse isomorphic reaction or make white spots area get big.

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