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The Blood Toxin Cause for Vitiligo

The Blood Toxin Cause for Vitiligo,vitiligoThere are many causes of vitiligo. If you want a treatment from the cause, you should figure out your vitiligo cause, then we based on your own cause, you can get an effective treatment response.

It is universally acknowledged that vitiligo refers to human body immune disorder, so there are the medication and cream to adjust and curb the patient overact immune system. The human body’s immune system is to attack the invader from the outside environment, but the immune system, immune cells protect the self-tissue, but in the same time it also attacks the self-tissue by mistake.

This is universally acknowledged by the vitiligo scholars. When the immune system works, there are many immune elements, cells, and inflammation factors occur in human body and blood. In western and modern theory, that is called the immune elements. In China, the ancient medical opinion, the cause of vitiligo is blood toxin, all the triggers that occur in blood which caused vitiligo are called blood toxin.

So the Chinese doctor will focus on the removing of blood toxin, if the blood toxin is removed, then the symptoms on skin will disappear. The treatment on skin is only a short time effect, if you want a treatment long time, you need remove the body cause, the blood toxin.

Besides the blood toxin, there are still some triggers from the environment. The injury, isomorphic reaction and infection can worse vitiligo. Isomorphic reaction is the scratch of the normal skin, then the normal skin also get vitiligo color loss. So we should avoid scratching.

Improper foods, spicy, stimulated foods all can worsen vitiligo. Pressure, seafood, alcohol and smoking all can worsen your vitiligo, then the white patches can turn more white or spread to the other areas. If we can get a specialist treatment and pay attention to the lifestyle, that will help for the improvement of vitiligo. The causes are various, the different patients with different condition. And some patients with obvious family history, the others may show a lack or loss of trance elements like cupper ion and zinc ion.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to casuhospital@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different, and each people with different physical condition.

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