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Why Women Get Vitiligo

women vitiligo patientsVitiligo can both happen to women and men, but for women, the vitiligo morbidity is higher than that in men. The main reason is women usually use some cosmetics, some of which have bad influences to human health. What’s more, women are much easier to get endocrine disorder and nervous spirit. These factors can lead to the onset of vitiligo. Besides, improper dietary habit can also lead to vitiligo. Vitiligo is mainly a disease related to inheritance, of course, there are many other reasons. There will be some white spots on human skin and then these white spots may aggravate, becoming bigger and larger. Why women get vitiligo?

First, why women are the high-risk groups? The main reasons are various. Women frequently use cosmetics. Because women are more cared about their skin care, they will use various kinds of cosmetics, especially some cosmetics containing hormone. These products are of big damage to body and skin, and are easy to arouse vitiligo. And women are comparatively easy to have the symptoms of internal secretion disorder, especially at teenager period. Women are easy to have abnormal endocrine, which is also an important reason to get vitiligo. If women have unreasonable diet or have serious food preference, it can also arouse vitiligo. Especially some irritant food, greasy food and etc, are bad for vitiligo recovery.

Second, if women don’t have regular living habit, it can also lead to vitiligo. For example, some women always stay up late. Usually women are sensitive to things, thus generating nervous emotion. If get that emotion for long-term, it will cause huge mental burden, thus affecting melanin synthesis.

Last, if women have family history, they should pay more attention to the above factors. Be positive and relaxed. Don’t be nervous all the time. Don’t use cosmetics blindly. Keep good attitude.

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