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Irregular Daily Schedule Will Induce Vitiligo

Irregular daily schedule will induce vitiligo

The onset of the vitiligo is related to irregular daily schedule. Some of the patients engaged on night work, or work in shifts round clock. Some of the patients engaged on the office secretarial work, they always work over time on night, or some of the patients have the great nightlife. All these factors will have an obviously effect to the onset of this disease and the therapeutic effects. it may related to the irregular daily schedule, cause the disorder of the internal clock and the disorder of the neuroendocrine system.

Once there is a middle-aged female patient, after two months treatment, the white patches are obviously decreased, the melanin island cove the 70% of white patches, but after 3 nights working overtime, white patches expand fast, and the melanin island also decrease.

Another female youth always work overtime, even she changes the medication and the therapies very frequently, all this can not control the spreading of vitiligo after seven month treatment,

In conclusion, the external environment including the social environment and the natural environment all these play a important role in the pathogenesis of this disease. meanwhile the patients should analyze their disease activity regularity under the treatment. They can find the environment inducing factors cause the altering of their vitiligo condition. This is one of the important step in control rebounding and improvement of this disease.

From a certain perspective, it is more significant to find out the inducing factors than the effective treatment methods.

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