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Why Vitiligo Spreading So Fast

Why vitiligo spreading so fast Some of the patients will ask why their vitiligo spreading so fast? We know that unreasonable treatment will cause white patches spreading. The main symptom of vitiligo is white skin color, and the symptoms for every patient are related to various internal factors.

1. Although there are many technologies and medication to treat vitiligo, but not all therapy can guarantee good effect, and many of patients don’t understand the pathogenesis of this disease, so they treat this disease blindly. It doesn’t get the effective treatment, but also it causes the white patches spreading.

2. The emotional changes also will affect the patient’s skin condition, when you feel anxious, fearful, and pessimistic. It will greatly affect your neuron function.

3. In summer, whether is very hot, the UV ray will inhibit the metabolism of the melanin, it doesn’t benefit to the synthesis of the melanin, and onset of the vitiligo will lead to synthesis problem of the melanin in hair follicl and focal skin. and the UV ray can facilate the melanin metabolism. so the summer patients must avoid sun bath.

In addition unhealthy life hobbits will cause white patches spreading. So patients have to pay attention to their diet, and their internal clock. The diet should be mainly to light, avoid spicy, cold, greasy, grilled, pickled food, ensure high quality adequate sleep, avoid insomnia and stay up all night. The vitiligo spreading speed very fast, usually at the first three to six months it will start to spread. So we suggest patients should treat is as early as possible. If it doesn’t get controlled well, the white patches may spread to whole body, especially for the active stage of vitiligo patient. The spreading speed is very fast. It also is very important to seek for professional treatment instead of looking for some folk prescription.

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