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Why Your Vitiligo Occurs Again and Again

Why your vitiligo occurs again and againVitiligo is a chronic skin disease, that won’t be pain or itching normally, but vitiligo make great influence on appearance. This is a big problem the patients are facing. On the other hand, the white patches can be removed by some treatments, later it can also occur again. So the treatments are short time effects.

Why the vitiligo occurs again and again? If you have used some of the treatments like cream and laser therapy. Those medicine and treatments usually have a fast effect, but which contain hormone elements while the effects are short time effects. Once you stop using them, the condition will get worse and some patients get expansion. So the too much usage of cream and hormone medicines is not good for your long term safety.

On the other hand, the improper lifestyle is not helpful for your vitiligo condition. There are many triggers in daily life. If you want a long term effects, we need pay attention and avoid the basic cautions like seafood, lamp, vitamin C, alcohol, smoking and spicy foods. Pressure and stay up too late is not good for you.

The vitiligo patients usually company with a low level of trance elements. The patients with vitiligo usually lose or lack of cupper and zinc ions. While you eat too much vitamin C food, that will influence the absorption of trance elements which are the necessary factors for the production of melanin.

Some people who get vitiligo after they stop excise. Practice to increase the immune system is necessary and significant. Skin disease patient all need avoid scratching and injury. If you scratch, it is easy to cause isomorphic response. And injury can also let the normal skin also get white patches.

All white patches are the symptoms, which we can see by our eyes. But if we only treat the symptoms we can see, the white patches can be removed, but the other areas can also get new white patches. We advice to treat from the blood toxin and adjust the body, don’t to treat the symptoms of vitiligo. If we can remove the blood cause, then the symptoms can disappear. If we can prevent the blood toxin reoccur, then we can prevent the reoccurrence of vitiligo.

If you want a further consultation about the vitiligo, you can consult our online doctors and send your problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com and hope we can do a favor for you. The symptoms are same, but the causes are varies, so you need to get a individual treatments plan for yourself.

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