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Vitiligo Cause: How Melanin Disappear on White Spots

vitiligo causesThe depigmentation status of melanin is mainly related to the following factors:

First, the melanin’s own system function has obstacle. Second, some skin diseases will affect melanin secretion and synthesis. Third, the tyrosine quantity have fluctuation. After getting vitiligo, every patients will be brought some bad influences. After all, if vitiligo patients’ skin melanin begins to lose, it will naturally lead to the local skin get white. And with the spreading and enlargement of white spots’ areas, it will make patients’ appearance be damaged. Therefore, if your vitiligo is at the exposed areas, it is indeed a big disturbs to your life.

Besides, facing the appearance of white spots, it is mainly because of the depigmentation of local skin melanin. And then arouse the skin abnormal phenomenon of vitiligo. And the reason of the depigmentation of melanin is related to the following factors:

First, in the process of melanin secretion process, because the body function condition is abnormal, or some medicines will repeatedly stimulate body, and it will make the melanin secretion state has an obvious obstacle and then lead to melanin loss.

Second, the tyrosine has abnormal condition. Because tyrosine can directly make the melanin secretion have obvious fluctuation. When your diet or medicine is not proper, it will make tyrosine and ascorbic acid’s synthesis has abnormal phenomenon and make melanin synthesis not well-off.

Third, if the local skin be have some spot or be affected by diseases, it will lead to local skin can not maintain the normal pigment secretion and synthesis. And if local pigment get obstacle for long-term, it will finally make melanin be lost.

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