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Some factors can trigger vitiligo

Vitiligo Causes1.Occupational factor

Some chemical substances has selective destruction to melanophore and can lead to skin decolorization phenomenon. For example, antioxidant hydrogen of derivatives, as raw material of rubber protective gloves, it can make hands and upper limb of contact site decoloration permanently. Besides, people who usually touch butyl catechol wear-resistant agent or other chemical substances which have selective destruction to melanophore may generate occupational vitiligo.


In clinic, it is common to see that some medicines can lead to skin’s decolorizing lesions, which are called medical Leucoderma. It is secondary vitiligo and has different pathogenesis. Some is induced by directly touching some medicine. For example, vitiligo around eyes is usually caused by eye drops. Some is triggered by photosensitization. For example, take artificial perfume, take oral hypoglycemic, and take curative and effective modicine for hypertension and diuretic and etc can all generate photosensitization. Besides, furacilin and benoquin can sometimes trigger symptom similar to sutton nevus.

3. Trauma

Vitiligo induced by trauma may be caused by nerve fiber damage at local site of injury. It also may be caused by severe trauma which makes body in high stringent state, which will make neuroendocrine system disorders. For example, the sudden excessive increase of epinephrine can consume lots of tyrosine so that greatly decrease melanin metabolism, which will induce vitiligo.


After investigation of vitiligo patients in clinic, it is found that the morbidity in city is higher than that in country and the morbidity in ndustrially underdeveloped area is higher than that in industrial foundation weak areas. Just as we said ,some compound can trigger Leucoderma. If there are more and more production and apply of these compound in industrial, morbidity of vitiligo will surely increase. Besides, air and water pollution can also lead to vitiligo .

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