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The aetiological agent of vitiligo

Viitligo Aetiological AgentThe aetiological agent of vitiligo is still unclear.Recent years,researches have found it related to the following factors:

1.Theory of heredity

Vitiligo can appear in twins and family.It means that inheritance plays an important role in vitiligo morbidity.Researches have found that vitiligo has incomplete penetrance and has several pathopoiesia position.

2.Theory of autoimmunity

Vitiligo can combine autoimmunity diseases,such as thyroid disease,diabetes,chronic adrenal hypofunction,pernicious anemia,rheumatic arthritis,malignant melanoma.In serum,we can also check out specific antibody in various organs,such as antithyroid antibodies,APCA, anti-adrenal antibody,anti-parathyroid antibody ,anti-smooth muscle antibody,anti-melanocyte antibody and etc.

3. Spirit and neural chemistry theory

Spirit factors have close relationship with vitiligo.Most patients have psychological trauma,hypertension,black mood or depression at the incipient stage of vitiligo.There are degenerative changes at nerve terminal of leucoderma,and it also supports neural chemistry theory.

4.Melanocyte autodestruction theory

There are antibody and T lymphocyte in patients’ bodies,which means immunity reaction may lead to melanophore destruction.And toxicant predecessor of the melanin content compounded by cell itself and some chemical substances leading to skin discoloration may also have selective destructive effect on melanophore.

5.Microelement deficiency theory

The decrease of copper and ceruloplasmin in blood may lead to the decrease of tyrosinase activity,thus influence melanin metabolism.

6.Other factors

Trauma,Sun exposure and some phototonus medicine can also induce leucoderma.

The essence of vitilogo is related to the whole body.So we usually apply the therapy to treat internal body first and then for the appearance treatment.And the disease is closely related to inheritance,emotion,immune,microelement,viscera function and tyrosinase activity.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.And doctors suggest to have a professional check for your illness and go to regular hospital.

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