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Vitiligo Causes are Different for Different Patients

vitiligo causesThe causes of vitiligo are not very clear yet, which can be concluded to be nine factors: hereditary factor, neuropsychical factor, chemical factor, tyrosinase, the deficiency of copper ion, infection factor, trauma and etc. The reasons for the onset of vitiligo are various. And some patients can not find out what is the cause of their vitiligo. It is found that vitiligo is related to microcirculation no matter where is your vitiligo. Therefore, some doctors will make efforts on the researches of medicines to improve microcirculation. The causes can be concluded to be the following aspects:

First, industry pollution: Industry pollution is one the reason to arouse the high morbidity of vitiligo. Because some factories let out some waster water and exhaust gas that are untreated, and the rapidly increasing quantities of motor vehicle let out some harmful off-gas, such as sulfur dioxide, strong acid, strong alkali, lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, phenol and other chemical or heavy metal toxic substances, the air pollution has been greatly damaged. Besides, the excessive emission load of fluorine kind of refrigerant will damage the ozone sphere and then lead to too much ultraviolet ray irradiating to the earth. These factors can make vitiligo morbidity increase.

Second, agricultural pollution: the excessive use of chemicals, such as insecticide, bactericide and ripener. These will be harmful to human health.

Third, snacks and beverage will have some bad influences to children’s body development, it is because:

1.These snacks will disturb children’s normal dietary regular. Children will eat it at any moment. As time passes, children will not eat meals at normal time, thus disturbing normal dietary regular.

2.Snacks and beverage will decrease children’s immunity and cause the deficiency of nutrition.

3.Some snacks don’t conform to hygienic standard, and contain some chemical addition agent, which will cause direct damages to children body.

Forth, internal secretion and immune function disorder: Some pathogenic factors will lead to the body immune function disorder and endocrine function imbalance, thus generating anti melanophore antibodies, making melanophore damaged and lost and then arouse vitiligo. The damaged melanophore can release antigen and irradiate body to generate more anti melanophore antibodies, making more melanophore be destroyed. Finally it cause vicious circle and make vitiligo further develop. Long term mental pressure and mental trauma will lead to body immunity imbalance and internal secretion disorder.

Fifth, trace elements deficiency: trace elements are the active substance to take part in body metabolism, such as copper, zinc, selenium and iodine. They can participate in the melanophore synthesis, and protect the melanophore from heavy metal damage. There are researches indicating that the deficiency of trace elements and disproportionality will lead to melanophore synthesis disorder.

Sixth, neuropsychical factor: in modern life, people are burdened too much pressures. Long term mental pressure will lead to body endocrine disorder and immune disorder. Besides, long term work pressure and irregular sleeping habits will be make body overloaded.

Seventh, genetic factor: according to clinic observation, only few cases are related to heredity.

Eighth, Chinese theory thinks that vitiligo is related to the interaction of internal and external body. Ninth, trauma: burn, knife wound, mosquito bite, infection and etc.

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