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Does Skin Disease Relate to the Genes

Does skin disease relate to the genesAs we known that, more and more people suffer from vitiligo in nowadays. The direct reason is due to the decline of the melancytes. Some people will ask does this disease will pass on next generation.

Around 3% ~ 40% of vitiligo patients with positive family history were reported. Bhatta and his group prompt that this disease has a polygenic nature based on their study results on 1992. Majumder also report that vitiligo pattern like familial aggregation model. He mentioned that the genetic factor play a very important role of onset vitiligo.

According to the domestic survey, the incidence for the vitiligo patient’s relative is between 3% to 12%, abroad research shows that the incidence is between 18% to 40%.

The etiology of vitiligo is not very clear so far, the common factor are immunity factor, the genetic factors, neuropsychiatric factors, chemical factors: tyrosine, copper or ions deficiency, infection, trauma and so on. We can see that there are many factors can cause vitiligo, so before the treatment, we suggest the patients can go to the professional vitiligo hospital to do some examinations, so that the specialist can make the therapy planning for them based on their laboratory results.

The research found that, regardless the location of the vitiligo, it is related to the microcirculation disorder. So we should treat the vitiligo as a whole.

We have to treat it in a systemically way. The vitiligo is caused by lack of the melancytes. For example, the melancytes just like a seed are nourished by the blood. Our blood as a soil supplies the nutrients to this seed (melancytes). So the vitiligo needs a systemically treatment. It is also a foundation to prevent relapsing of vitiligo.

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