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The Cause and Mechanism of the Onset of Vitiligo

VITILIGO ON FACEThe Common Factors Induce the Vitiligo.

(1) Mental Triggers

skin is one of the express organs in our body to show our mental activities. Plenty of clinical cases indicates that mental factors are the common factor to induce or worsen the vitiligo. According to clinical statistics, more than 35% vitiligo patients suffered from mental trauma, overtired, strain in brain, think too much, anxious and sad, feel uneasy even when eating and sleeping, stay up all night, dreaminess, mental tension. There are many factors induce the mental tension such as car accident, economic dispute, family dispute, disappointed in love affair, unemployed, death of a loved one, eleven-ups and so on. They have emotional response like terrified, angry, anxious, depressed, disappointed, sad, insomnia and dreaminess, too much contemplation and so on, this called mental problems cause the physical problems. Part of vitiligo patients feel alarmed, torn with anxiety even pessimistic and self-abased, lost their confidence to move on, these negative emotions will leads to the disease well advanced and treatment difficult to work finally form the vicious circle.

(2) Dietary Factors

Wine and seafood: there are many cases of excessive drinking or eat eat too much seafood cause the occurrence or worsen of vitiligo. Some outpatients can clearly pointed the causal relationship between the their onset of vitiligo and drinking and overeating seafood. Some patients said the white patches on their body expanded after drinking and eating seafood, some patients said they feel itching in their white patches. For some vitiligo patients work on driver, food, catering business or other’ s who can not give up their bottles, their white patches always hard to control. Why drinking can cause the vitiligo, it’s pathomechanism might related to the alcohol affect neuroendocrine functions, damage the liver and kidney, affect the absorb and synthesis of protein and zinc. As for eating seafood cause vitiligo may related to the seafood may cause allergic reaction leads to the immune system disorder.

Excessive intake of vitamin C: vitamin C is reducing agent, participate tyrosine metabolize, inhibit the oxidation of dopamine can make the melanin pigment formed in skin revert to colorless substance and change the melanin pigment into water soluble gelatinous material leads to the reduce of formation of melanin. Vitamin C is widely exist in fruits, vegetables and the leaves of some plants. Some fruits rich in vitamin C like melon, grapefruit, pawpaw, strawberry, mandarin orange, watermelon and wild jujube. The grapefruit juice and orange juice rich in vitamin C.

There are some fruit juices have the effects of strengthening vitamin C like apple juice, grape juice, verjuice. The vegetables have this effects included asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, leaf mustard, hot pepper ( include red and green pepper ), potato, sweet potato, tomato and tomato juice. Generally speaking, the fruits with sour flavor or vegetables are rich in vitamin C.

We emphasize the importance of patients to limit the intake of fruits rich in vitamin C like citrus, apples, tomatoes and so on, but in the process collecting the outpatients histories we rarely found excessive intake of vitamin C-rich food cause the occurrence of vitiligo or the skin damage expanding phenomena, what cause this phenomenon is more because the excessive in take of vitamin C-rich medicine such as the daily care long term take internally fruit flavor vitamin C or other long term excessive take orally and injections or transfusions of vitamin C.

Foods containing phenol: many vegetable food like coffee, vegetables, fruits rich in phenol have cytotoxic effect in melanin cells.

Besides we have found many patients have the problems of picky about food, dietary bias, intake excessive soft drinks and obesity, their disease always hard to control.

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