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How to Prevent Vitiligo Become worse

How to prevent vitiligo become worse Vitiligo is a very common skin disease, what are the factors that will cause the vitiligo become more severe? Due to the melancytes function deficiency, it usually related to the heredity, autoimmunity, and mental factors. We are still not clear about the pathogenesis of this disease in nowadays.

Firstly, vitiligo should treat it at early stage when the vitiligo haven’t went worse. Some of the patients didn’t go to the standard medical institution, cause vitiligo didn’t get cured completely.

Secondly, Improper using drugs, some external using drugs will stimulate the skin make an illness aggravating. Patients should choose the medicine very carefully. The patients should not use the cream or medicine blindly, so that the treatment didn’t get delayed.

Thirdly, external injuries: such as burn, and bruise, too much ultraviolet irradiation, will cause the damaged melancytes and induce the vitiligo.

Fourthly, the patients should not eat too much vitamin C, such as food vinegar, tomato, strawberry, raw onion, raw garlic, pepper, red meat, seafood, all that can aggravate the disease.

Fifth, the mental factors, long-term anxiety, depression, mood swings can stimulate the central nervous system, make endocrine imbalance, induce the vitiligo spreading.

Sixth, this disease also related to the altering of the climate and season. Mostly this disease will become more severe on summer, because in summer, the whole body blood circulation is rather fast, it will cause the skin lesion expand or new white patches appear.

Here are some foods that are good for the vitiligo improvement.

1. Pumpkin: pumpkin rich in vitamin B and iron, it closely related to the good mood of the people, it can effectively help to change the blood sugar reserved by our body into the glucose to supply the need of our brain, it have some assistant effects to improve and adjust our mental state.

2. Spinach: there are large amount of folic acid in spinach, it not only have the effect to assistant our brain to produce the serotonin, it also can effectively relieve the depression, anxiety or other uneven emotions, it also a good food to improve and adjust our mental state, eat more spinach is good for vitiligo patients.

3. Chicken: chicken is a food rich in iodine element, the effects of iodine is not only can supply effective nutrition, adjust emotions, it also can improve the synthesis of melanin pigment, so eat more chicken is also a diet adjust way to prevent vitiligo.

4. Banana: there are lot of vitamin B, biological alkaline substances and tryptophan in banana, it can uplift spirit, help brain to produce serotonin, it also can greatly improve the confidence of the vitiligo patients, it can improve the negative emotions and adjust our mental state.

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