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What are the Inducing Factors for Vitiligo?

What are the inducing factors for vitiligoThe onset of the vitiligo is gradually increased recently years. The causes is very complex for vitiligo this disease. Then what are the causing factors for the vitiligo patients? We know that there are many factors can trigger vitiligo. Such as immunity disorder, lacking of tyrosinase, mutation of genes, deficiency of certain microelements. Besides that the chemical substance and the inflammation of the tonsil also will induce vitiligo. So normally we also need to conscious about this two factors in daily life.

Vitiligo aroused due to tyrosinase activity decrease or disappearance on hair follicle or dermis area, resulting in localized or generalized depigmentation lesions due to reduction or totally disappears of the melanosomes melanin granules. However vitiligo is a natural, primary skin depigmentation disorder, Instead of secondary discoloration after other skin diseases. Now I will introduce some of the inducing factors of vitiligo.

Normally the rubber protective gloves that we usually used in daily life contain antioxidant monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone. It will selective destroy the melanin of human’s skin. However the main causing factors is due to the lacking of the melanin. For example for those worker who wear this kind of gloves, some of them will see their back of the hand and forearm, even lower limp.

Amygdalitis reoccurrence, based on many years clinic research, one of the inducing factors for the children is due to the reoccurrence of the amygdalitis. Because of the inflammation of the tonsil can trigger the human body stress response. A lot of children as long as they are catch a cold or have a fever, their tonsil will get inflammation. When the stress response keeps repeating, it will be more easily to appear some of the vitiligo symptoms. Thus once the children catch a cold or got a fever, their parents should not contempt it. They should early control it early, in case it develops the amygdalitis. And lower down the risk getting vitiligo.

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